With a family member with disabilities, she mentioned that the toughest thing she must endure is lack of an easy way to report infrastructure urgencies. For instances, as a family member who’s paraplegic, ensuring our streets accessible and well maintained for those in wheel chairs & strollers is a human right.

What it does

CityScope is an easy way to not only report incidences of damages on the streets and public areas, but also keep track of your report progress easily. Admin members, such as government officials and public safety officers, are able to see report, reply to them, and using Survey Monkey we able to display to the user the progress of the incident. Using sentiment analysis, we are able to gain feedback on whether the user feels at ease with the fixes. The goal is to have safer streets.

How we built it

CityScope is built on React.js in the front-end and node.js in the backend. Used Survey Monkey API to create and distribute survey link, and keep track of the progression. Used Azure Cognitive Service’s text analytics API to employ sentiment analysis over text.

Challenges we ran into

1) Survey Monkey was super amazing to work with. We released that was a gap in the documentation that could have saved us a lot of time trying to figure out one aspect need to be a string element in order to make the POST request. Another challenge was there were a lot of IDs we needed to keep track of in order to POST to the survey collector aspect. Even with the challenge, we found the API to be super cool since it was our first time using it. Definitely using it in future projects.

2) Using a language we’ve never used before, Node.js. Trying to write queries to access an SQL table was incredibly challenging for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It’s our first hackathon!!!

What we learned

SO MUCH. A new language, new APIs, new approaches for collaborating, and how sleep is OVERRATED lol.

What's next for CityScope

We are planning to continue working on CityScope and we have discussed how we can truly take this idea to market!!!

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