Mexico City is in the top 10 largest cities in the world, there is many ways to move in the city, METRO with 12 lines and 192 stations is one the most important and covers most of the city, METROBUS with 6 lines (and planing new one) and 208 stops, BUS (which includes all their variants, RTP, BUS,etc), TAXI, ECOBICI, and many more.

But what if you are new in the city? Or even people who lives in the city just have one or two well-know areas. There is no webpage or app which connects all options to move in the city.

CITYSCOPE wants to help people who lives or visit the city to find the best option to move in it. The

What it does

CITYSCOPE connects public and private transportation systems, to give the best options available. It will depend on current position, destination, incidents. And people can help giving advices for best routes, and security advices.

How I built it

CITYSCOPE connects APIS like ECOBICI, UBER and SIN-TRAFICO. Also is crowd sourced, we need people help us to mapping the bus routes.

Challenges I ran into

The BUS routes is the most challenging feature, because we need to people help us to mapping all the bus routes in the city, and this is the most difficult part due to accuracy of the route, but I believe in people and they gonna do a great work.

The great challenge is based in on point in the map, connect all transport options and show it to the user.

And there is no an open source to connect about METRO and METROBUS, so we have to mapping one by one the geolocation for more than 300 stations. Maybe I will open this info, if needed for other developers.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

If we can help people to find the easiest way to move in the city, and people find CITYSCOPE as a useful tool to day to day.

What I learned

We talk with a lot of people about what is the best part ant the worst part moving every day in Mexico City, we learn a lot about their concerns, where they move and how they do it, why they choose one option instead other one. And all the results were developed in CITYSCOPE

What's next for Cityscope

First of all publishing, the main idea is that CITYSCOPE can learn from all data, analyze, and cane get info for different purposes, the more importan make easy to people move in the city.

Also this app is not closed to Mexico City, is designed to adapt to any city in Mexico, or the World.

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