Our product, CitySafari, allows you to wander the streets of virtual cities.

As an example for this product, we focused on restaurants. With the help of Yelp's API, we accessed the data of nearby restaurants and their food photos to create almost a virtual, scaled-down city surrounding where you are. The moment you put on the Meta lens, you can wander the city, where "buildings" are scaled down accordingly to represent the actual distance you are away from each restaurant.

The further on forward you walk, the more of the city is built. On the face of each building has an image of the food served at that particular restaurant. If something looks interesting, hover your finger over the building to get more information about the restaurant. If you don't like what you see, proceed forward.

We built this app off the idea that sometimes not everyone has to have a destination in mind - it'd be nice to just walk around cities to discover new stores and places without having to put up with the traffic and gas money.

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