We are tired of looking for flights to casual places, we want to discover new places and fly!!

What it does

As tinder, it gives you random images of places and when you "like" a determined number of times a place, it creates a match. Then, you can view your matches and eventually buy a ticket.

How we built it

We created two repositories, one for Android and the other for the Node.js server integrated in Heroku. We have tried to abstract the client as much as possible to make it faster.

Challenges we ran into

We have had several problems with the synchronism of Node.js and mostly in the server-client integration. Also, caching cache of several libraries has been a pain...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have managed to build a decent app in 24h and we believe it is due to the first deep decision of the software architecture. We are very proud of this.

What we learned

We improved the knowledge of Node.js and Android.

What's next for CityMatch

We are thinking in applying machine learning to improve the realism of the app in order to give you more possible good locations that suits you better. Also, several filters can be applied and for example, give you only locations below X euros.

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