is a next generation media viewer. It leverages advancements in HTML5 and 3D CSS to create an immersive 3D mashup of news, events, weather, reviews and social media for the user based on their city. (the app requires a modern version of a fully HTML5 compatible browser).

The CityMashd application currently includes localized content for New York from Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, New York Magazine, Vimeo, YouTube and Google Weather (localized weather forecasts for the user in NY and the interface background changes based on forecast and time of day).

All animations and content transitions are HTML5/WebKit/CSS dependent and are independent of flash.

By compositing the localized information into an immersive UI we are hoping to change the way people relate to media information and enable them to compartmentalize and process a much richer stream of media than the current tabbed paradigm can support.

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