We were inspired by our work in both the Augmented Reality tech industry as well as the travel industry - and were inspired by the belief that by combining the two - we could "digitize" the tour guide experience and help tour guides who found their businesses decimated due to Covid.

What it does

CityGuyd uses Augmented Reality to augment real life guide holograms on the ground of tourist destinations across the globe using ARKit and GPS signals. Our guide then tells travelers everything they need to know, in their chosen language of course, in a face-to-face digital tour guide experience!

How we built it

We built is natively for iOS and are now working on a Unity and C# based version for release on Android and future AR glasses platforms.

Challenges we ran into

Content Creation was particularly troublesome, so we solved it by harnessing the power of the crowd and onboarded 3rd party content creators (aka tour guides) to create their own city tours for distribution via our platform!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

CityGuyd was recently voted into the top 25 travel startups for 2021 by Phocuswire, the premiere travel tech research organization! We are also graduates of multiple world class accelerator programs: MassChallenge, Capital Factory, Startupbootcamp, Discoveries 2021.

What we learned

How to keep costs low while scaling our concept globally during one of the worst travel crisis in history! This helped us learn that times of trouble bring numerous obstacles, but can also bring new opportunities to old industries!

What's next for CityGuyd

To expand our city AR tours to many more cities across the globe, to partner with Australian sporting events like the Grand Prix to build new experiences for fans to have "digital" visits from their favorite athletes, and to further build/perfect our tech platform!

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