CityGroups CityGroups is a public directory of community groups in your city, organized by location and topic. CityGroups makes it easier to find & recommend groups working to make your city better.Community groups create events & do projects for many topics, in many neighborhoods. Their intention is to improve quality of life in a city. Groups can be online or offline, use social media, or older technologies like mailing lists, paper and in-person meetings. CityGroups addresses the fact that community organizers are doing redundant work maintaining basic information about groups. That energy could be leveraged, by sharing data, to help groups reach across social boundaries, to collaborate, and to make more time for education and practical community work.General information & Video: http://citygroups.orgSeattle: | Bay Area: http://bayarea.citygroups.orgKey Features Simple interface. Basic information about community groups can be categorized and mapped. Existing datasets can be imported with spreadsheets. (CSV) Group data is available through an API so that it can be made more accessible. Anyone can contribute a group. Signed in users can update group data. Groups can be marked as “dead” or “recommended.” Supports community mapping of local groups. Open source product. Built with Drupal 7, uses common technologies to allow for easier replication & participatory development in cities and communities. Key Strategies Support the people who are already maintaining & distributing group information. This includes community organizers, governments, non-profits, volunteers, friends, civic web application developers. Launch in several cities. Ensure the tool can be robust & sustainable. Managable scope. Cities start with one neighborhood or one topic. Encourage use of API. Broader reach by connecting to SMS, digital community boards, and integrating with existing digital spaces. Kickstarter campaign. We plan to launch a Kickstarter Campaign later this fall. In addition to providing funds for community management and development, a successful Kickstarter campaign demonstrates community support. Chach Sikes, Code for America Fellow 2011. Berkeley, @chachasikes

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