We all have experienced the need for an umbrella when a beautiful day inMiami turns ugly just when it seems time to leave the library or class. Our problem-solving idea, cityCOVR, consists of designing and implementing a umbrella sharing network around the city of Miami that utilizes a number of connected smart kiosks to distribute umbrellas to users in need of an umbrella. We believe that rainy weather sucks, but forgetting your umbrella shouldn’t have to.

What it does

Those in need of an umbrella on a rainy day can find a smart kiosk, use their smartphone to request a cityCOVR umbrella rental, and be on their way with their rented protection from the elements in less than minute. When they receive their rented umbrella, the umbrella automatically connects to the user’s smartphone, and notifies the user if the distance between their phone and rented umbrella grows too great, reminding them to not forget their umbrella if they have mistakenly left it. If the user’s final destination happens to have another cityCOVR smart kiosk, than they may drop it off, and the kiosk automatically confirms their deposit.

How we built it

photoshop, illustrator, xcode, pretty pictures.

Challenges we ran into

We tried programming the app and ran into problems with APIs and swift. We pivoted to create a proof of concept/ wireframe prototype.

What we learned

How to work with the facebook API, using xcode to create a proof of concept.

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