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The inspiring from our project comes from our team’s desire to create a contemporary web site for our non-profit, Smart City Hack. This will allow for our non profit to manage their site directly, and allow for our users to share their profile globally.

What it does

Our web site will utilize tags in order to showcase the skill set of our user base, as well as use these tags to narrow down the user’s profile for prospected collaboration. Our team will also eliminate the need for a third party website host and instead provide a their own personalized website from scratch.

How we built it

We used bootstrap to create the framework for the website for the frontend, using php to program the website’s features. For our backend we used java to create the centralized database to create our user’s profile.

Challenges we ran into

Learning new languages and skills, such as php, provided a time consuming setback. Setting up the server side network for our website provided several difficulties we well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To be able to effectively communicate within ourselves in an orderly fashion. And being able to successfully format the website and deliver a presentable demo of our website project.

What we learned

The time constraints limits the overall project delivery as we are unable to fully flesh out and polish our product. Sleep deprivation also stagnates our progress, making rest time an important part of our schedule.

What's next for CityConnected-Team-9

We hope that our website demo will be improved greatly later on in terms of features and look. Hopefully our website design will allow our users the get the attention they deserve in their collaboration prospects.

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