Save Miami ext

🌴 Inspiration 🌴

If businesses encourage the use of a currency that is based on the growth of the city's treasury and the city's growth. Then the citizens will take care of the city more.

  • People will now take better care of the environment in their city.
  • Allows a better interaction between Customer and business.

🤨 What it does 🤨

Save Miami is a platform that connect businesses and user together. The business will offer discounts to users who pay with MiamiCoin. This encourages the users to pay with MiamiCoin and performing more transactions with MiamiCoin. The more transactions that happen, the higher the coin goes because MiamiCoin takes 30% of all transaction fees to the Miami Treasury.

🛠 How we built it 🛠

We used Figma and Canva for design.

🤯 Challenges we ran into 🤯

One of the biggest Challenges this project held was trying to present a complicated topic in a way that most users would understand it.

🏅Accomplishments that we're proud of 🏅

We are very proud to introduce our idea to you as we can contribute to our environment for sustainability and a better community. More Funding to the city will mean that the city will invest in:

  • Environment
  • Public transportation (Reducing Traffic)
  • Recreational Areas ( Parks, Libraries)
  • Education (Public Schools)
  • Solar Panels (Decrease in Non-Conventional Energy Consumption)

✏️ What we learned ✏️

  • How to collaborate as a team and build a functional design for a future implementation.

🌴 What's next for Save Miami 🌴

  • We really enjoyed working on this project. MiamiCoin is open source, as a team we are thinking of contributing to the development of MiamiCoin.

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