Robots are one of the few things that can utilize the 5g bandwidth in full capacity. They can send video stream of surrounding in a good quality and low delay. The video can be analyzed on the powerful cloud systems and actions can be performed.

What it does

In the future, we can see how the semi-autonomous robots replace humans on repetitive and mundane jobs such as road maintenance. In winter, they can clean snow, in summer - wash. In autumn and spring they can spread and collect anti-slippery road rubble.

How we built it

With hands and RedBull.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting to Luxturrim5G network that was not provided by Nokia.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Liberating humans from municipality maintenance tasks will lead to the straight economic benefit as robots should be cheaper in operation. Since the unmanned vehicle is lighter, it should require less materials to produce and less energy to operate.

What we learned

We working on sensors, Raspberry Pi and video streaming and connecting to Luxturrim5G network.

What's next for CityBots

We are going to communicate with the light polls and using 5g networks to detect obstacles, interact with smart signs, follow precise maps and also communicate with other robot cars even cars made by other manufacturer.

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