Today City Year collect wet sign form from parents and then update salesforce. However, they are planning to use docsign for esignature. One of the big problem City Year have to solve is "How to make esign process smooth, efficient and easy for parents and at the same time sill keep accepting wet form without mutually updating Salesforce student object."

What it does

City Year 123 make esign only 3 clicks for parents. There should be no reason for not signing esign. However, if a parent brings a sign paper no problem. Just take a picture of the sign document and our app will identify the student Id and update Salesforce student object.

How I built it

  • There is one Salesforce lightning app for managing Student and monitoring status
  • There is one Salesforce connector microservice that observe docusign webhook and update the status of the parent's signature.
  • There is one service for docusign that read all the student information from Salesforce and create envelop and sent consent form to parents.

  • There is a service that can take a picture of a signed form and identify the studentId. With that studentId it will update the status of the student in Salesforce.

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Connecting Salesforce + Docusign + Google Vision

What I learned

A lot about Salesforce, Docusign and Google Vision

What's next for city-year-123

Building a scalable service, improve and fix bugs

Built With

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