We want to achieve GPS based Augmented Reality apps to create a new social media to rebond people with our physical environment under the digital age.

What it does

It is geolocation-based app which encourges people to seek new or memorable places where they would like to leave messages, pictures, or creative works to others in order to inspire their friends, families and the collective by sharing their love and ideas. It is practically achievable to have location-associated messages which people have to take physical efforts to go to the designated place to uncover them. In the other way the delivered messages make the place become more meaningful between people. 

How we built it

Since this app is a geolocation app for multiuser’ communication, we learnt from Vuforia and GPS for the geolocation based purpose and send bird for the messaging purpose.

Challenges we ran into

To figure how to redesign the messaging system between different users to communicate the location of digital objects and words to figure how to convert the 3D local space coordinate

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to place digital object at any location and share it to other users through messaging system, especially how to place the digital object up the the accuracy under one meter.

What we learned

Coding in unity, AR and team working.

What's next for City Whisper

Can be improved to richer the designed digital objects or effects, and have more user considerate options for messaging. Can be further developed as a treasure seeking game.

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