We believe that social activism should be easy-to-do and fun to participate in. Our app, City Vote, allows you to:

  • Take a picture of something you believe needs fixing, i.e. a broken highway, pipeline, and more. The picture will be accompanied by geotags recording its location.
  • The picture will appear to all users in the nearby vicinity. They can upvote your post of the issue if they agree with it.
  • After a certain amount of upvotes, we use the SendGrid API to send a petition letter to a city councilperson in the local area regarding the issue. The picture and geolocation coordinates will be included.

Our app is available on iOS, android, as well as a web app to be used through your mobile browser.

Future Improvements

  • More robust system for sending petitions
  • Implement a map UI
  • Similar geotags filtered out to prevent duplicate posts.
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