We took inspiration from the sample website provided to us in the instructions for this challenge. We tried to incorporate most of the information that it used and then some.

What it does

This Tableau project takes in data a few hundred cities and consolidates it into one location. You can look at different qualities of cities and counties, such as commute time or the % of highly religious people, to see which city you would like to live in.

How we built it

First we had to find and combine relevant data for several US cities and counties. This includes: Religion, Population/Demographics, Cost of Living, COVID-19 data, Crime and Political Leaning (Note. Most links are to the csv itself). After cleaning the data we constructed a visualization of all cities and information by using tableau.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into several challenges in collecting data since there are many different sources for information regarding US cities. There were also issues with using tableau in linking several files and producing the visualization that we wanted. A lot of learning on-the-fly had to be done; nearly every step of the way from connecting the spreadsheets together to plotting the data correctly on the map had a couple issues. (Also half our team bailed.)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the current work that we have accomplished so far given the time constraints. Getting tableau to work was a major accomplishment since we had major issues with getting it to function correctly in the beginning.

What we learned

We learned important lessons in producing data visualizations using tableau as well as cleaning, analyzing, and aggregating multiple datasets. We also learned new ways to manipulate tables with Excel.

What's next for City Search

The next step is to create a heuristic scoring system that covers all factors of the data we found and finally create a way to host our project on tableau onto a web application.

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