Multiple founders come from a running background and found themselves bored with out and back runs in unfamiliar cities. We wanted to create something that would map an interesting route as a loop that also takes the user past any nearby interesting locations.

What it does

Start with two inputs from the user, their current location and how far or long they would like to run or walk. We then return to the user a possible running loop which you can track on your phone live as you complete the route.

How we built it

Built using python to retrieve data from the GoogleMaps API then calculate a loop. Then displaying the output as an overlay on a swift based iOS application.

Challenges we ran into

Generating a loop of specific distance was difficult and figuring out how to integrate all of the parts was also not easy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to read and understand JSON objects. Learning how to create a GUI using the Xcode storyboard editor and viewController. Learning how to use APIs

What we learned

Many new technologies, including, JSON, google maps API, Swift, Xcode Storyboard, Mapkit, Corelocation, UIkit

What's next for City Scope

Back to the drawing board to recreate the app into a better and more efficient code base that provides users with a more intuitive User Experience.

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