The not-so-awesome code is here in GitHub:

I wanted to come up with a mobile-friendly way to check permits. The video of the people talking about what they wanted in the system had a businesswoman say to "create it for a 7-year-old." So I went with a red-yellow-green strategy for permits or reviews that were denied, in-process, or complete.

I didn't get to get everything working, but one thing that is there is the search filter. It doesn't do the filtering, but with a few more hours of work it would let the user see recently filed permits first, or ones nearing completion first, or ones that required his attention. I imagined viable scenarios for each situation. For instance, you may want to be sure your recent stuff got in. Or you might want to see which ones are near completion. Or you might want to be alerted if you are in fact the one holding up the process and need to take some action.

Oh - and while I did get the milestone translations working, I did want to add another level of ease of understanding for the users, leaving the existing translations inside the detail and new ones in the colored bars.

And of course, this has to be mobile friendly as these users are often on the go.

Lastly, both the desktop and phone have a nice accordion feature where all permit and review lists can be expanded and collapsed with a click of the mouse or finger.

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