Cities have always struggled with graffiti and street art. In recent years, Detroit has been one of the cities in such a predicament. While many diss the "disgusting" vandalism, others cherish it as culture and art.

We bring City Paint. City Paint is the first crowd sourced, censorable, renewable, and expressive digital graffiti alternative. For years, ASCII art has been an expressive tool for the internet, and now, we're bringing that technology to the city.

City Paint uses Twilio to aggregate SMS messages from the public and render their content onto digital displays and city billboards. Users simply text in patterns and colors to a phone number and their content is synced in real time with the board. The advantage of conveying art in this form is that the city has control to filter content and nothing is permanent or destructive. No smartphone required, no higher technology. Simple, expressive, safe, fun.

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