Accessing open data is the ultimate desire of app developers. I have been inspired by the City of Waterloo making its data open and available to public. So this application is an example showing how powerful open data can be.

What it does

It makes a simple and understandable interactive map visualization of the City of Waterloo Open Data. It also give the opportunity to users to search for any data in their assigned range.

How I built it

I utilized the open data from the City of Waterloo to develop this application. The application itself is using Leaflet Web Mapping library with jQuery and JavaScript.

Challenges I ran into

Each program has its own challenges. For this application designing a user-friendly interface was the main challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I could develop client-side range search for this application. This is what I am proud of.

What I learned

I learned a lot about the structure of the City of Waterloo. I believe the more data becomes available to public the better applications can be developed.

What's next for City of Waterloo

If I get more data, I have new ideas of applications for the City of Waterloo. Including developing interactive choropleth maps based on demographic or human geographic data.

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