Provide a Clean, Healthy & Better environment to the community

What it does

Built a Predix solution to cater to multi-modal city ecosystem. The solution enables - ⁃ Predicts potential emergency situations arising due to water contamination or hazardous waste not attended ⁃ Integration across public utility services to hospitals to transportation systems ⁃ Alerting to manage to the emergency responses

Smart Water, Smart Waste, Smart Mobility, Smart Healthcare modules of the solution enables enables smart localities across the city. Smart Water - Enables monitoring of water reservoirs for the pH, turbidity, chlorine & uranium impurities Smart Waste - Enables monitoring of the garbage bins across the city for the fill level & and generation of any hazardous elements Smart Healthcare - Monitors the occupancy level at the hospitals & the critical medicines inventory Smart Mobility - Monitors the garbage collection vehicle, City bus, fire truck locations. Helps to optimize the route for the garbage collection vehicles; helps the community residents to select the right mode of transport

How we built it

TCS team decided to build the solution on the “Intelligent Environment” theme. The team started with brainstorming session listing the key needs to develop a smart community. We developed the solution using Predix components, Intel Edison, sensors, etc. The key Predix services from the catalog used for the solution are - UAA, Asset, Timeseries, Postgres. Team has also developed analytics services to predict the Risk score of the water contamination & waste management. We also integrated the application with weather & map APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Time lag while posting the time-series data

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Excited to see a working solution that can be expanded further to make The Community a BETTER place to live!

What we learned

Voice integration with Predix

What's next for City of Tomorrow

To develop the industrial grade solution which can be monetized

Built With

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