City of Houston Blighted Properties

The City of Houston Blighted Properties website is an Open Houston project that was conceptualized at a City of Houston sponsored Hackathon. Data presented here is solely for information purposes and shall not be considered accurate, factual, or complete. Download your copy of the Department of Neighborhoods code enforcement violation files at

Why does this matter?

City Council members and citizens regularly ask for information about blighted properties and nuisances. To do so, they have to contact City staff and even wait on public records requests. Using City of Houston Blighted Properties, we wanted to allow citizens and Council members a more proactive way to see what's going on in their neighborhood.

Team Members

  • City of Houston 2nd Annual Open Innovation Hackathon Team Members
  • May 31 - June 1, 2014
  • Frank Bracco - City of Houston, Texas
  • Jonathan Farmer - City of Stafford, Texas
  • Reza H. Teshnizi - Texas A&M University
  • Raghuveer Modala - Texas A&M University
  • Elvis Takow - Texas A&M University

Prototype completed in 18 1/2 hours!


Technology Used

  • ASP .Net with C# is used for the server-side programming (serving out JSON data)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • HTML, CSS3, Javascript for the client-side scripting, with AJAX to call JSON web services
  • Google Maps API
  • Data files posted at (All Projects, All Project Level Actions, All Project Inspections, and All Violations) - some additional lat and long scripting was done


  • Enable Googles API address search
  • Work on clustering when zooming in and out
  • Provide some additional search and filtering on the main page

Last Updated: June 1, 2014

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