Noise pollution remains a major environmental health problem in Europe, with the transport sector being a major cause. Having a bird’s-eye view at the amount of noise and air pollution a city has would be of great help in effectively decreasing it.

What it does

Our approach utilizes smart IOT collectors piggybacked on public transportation vectors (buses and similar) in order to provide real-time measurements of various indicators (noise and air pollution being just two). The resulting system is extremely flexible and may also be employed for things such as:

  • Road shape fitness monitoring
  • Real-time traffic monitoring

How we built it

The entire system revolves around two entities:

  • Collector: IOT device packing multiple sensors and continuously ingesting state snapshots into a MQTT broker.
  • Processor: A distributed worker service that pulls out collector data, post-processes it and saves it to an Elasticsearch cluster for later retrieval (analytics, machine learning, etc.). City-mon also features an Angular-based dashboard for data visualization, coupled with Elastic’s Kibana visualizer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The entire system is mostly functional, including data ingestion and monitoring.

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