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CityKey is a valid, government-issued ID card offered to all municipal residents to prove identity and residency for city programs and services. Our project's goal is to increase the adoption of decentralized ID's by bridging on-chain and off-chain identities. By using uPort, a self-sovereign identity system built on the Ethereum blockchain, users will have a secure, cost effective and interoperable blockchain identity.

Why is it useful?

According to the UN 2020 Identity report, 1.1 billion people in the world do not have a verified identity, in the United States alone, 11% percent of Americans do not have a government issued id card. A self-sovereign digital identity benefits both individuals and organizations. By removing the need to store personal data locally, our solution creates permissioned access to data, is cost-effective by using a single verification process and ensures the interoperability with government agencies. By leveraging the increased trust in mobile phones, all residents, including those that previously didn't qualify for a government ID, will have access to government services and maximizes inclusion with an option to integrate with financial service providers or health care services in the future. Government supported inclusion initiatives and technological innovations are key drivers for the proliferation of Digital ID's. Physical ID cards will be used as an off-chain extension of the Digital ID, as businesses and the public become comfortable with using mobile-based Digital ID systems.

Getting started

$ yarn install


$ npm run start


David Conroy, Zack Gollwitzer, Camille Jones, Sam Bautista, Steven Burns

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