I wanted to build a robot that could serve as an educational device for children while being fun and engaging. So my partner and I decided on a robot ball. Using inspiration from Gundam series' iconic Haro robot, mechanics of sphero's toys and latest movie hit Big Hero 6, we worked on creating a friendly and fun robot.

What it does

It drives around by motion detection and follows people around, it is also suppose to be a health care robot (hence the medic) who automatically calls for aid by phone "if" someone gets injured.

How I built it

We split the work into two major parts and finally join together - the software and the "brain", in which should be the AI of the robot. The other part is the hardware of motor control and grants mobility. They are designed from wires to motor drivers and then programmed with raspberry pi.

Challenges I ran into

We didn't have access to powerful motors resulting in a weak powertrain, thus it has no ability to carry the weight of the entire body. The phone provided by MLH also proved to be a difficult to program with since there were incompatible software conflicting with the IDE.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned how to

What I learned

What's next for CitrusMedic

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