After passing whole five of months in quarantine, I was already bored. Both my real and virtual life had become monotonous. There were nothing new going on. On Facebook, I had to see the same meme for three or more times a day. And that's when an idea clicked on my mind ! How about a bot that sends me memes, jokes so that I don't get bored ?

What it does

It asks user for a reply through Quick Reply feature. And then sends meme/joke/pun based on user input. On the backend it stores memes, jokes and puns on a database.

How I built it

I built the backend using Django as I have been doing since last four months. For database, I used PostgreSQL. The whole web server is hosted on Heroku. The backend uses Facebook Graph API Version 7.0 to connect with messenger.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

While collecting memes/jokes/puns from all over the internet, I had to work with some 3rd party modules, wrappers etc. This was quite a good opportunity to learn and play with them.

Future Plans

Currently, the bot in is development phase. In near future, I wish to implement more entertainment based contents in it. Apart contents, I have a plan to implement NLP to recognize user text inputs.

As Facebook verification is yet to come, feel free to knock me at to get yourself registered as a test user.

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