Colton volunteers as a teacher to help people pass their citizenship tests, so we thought it would be helpful to code an app so people can study for the test outside of class.

What it does

The app has two main functions: a flashcard function in which the students can study the questions that they could potentially be asked, and a testing function in which they test their knowledge of the questions. The testing portion of the app is a fill in the blank type test in which the user is asked a potential question and they have to "fill in the blank."

How we built it

We used blood, sweat, and tears. Blood from Henry, the failed member of our crew, unfortunately a casualty of this Hackathon (a cactus was thrown at a shirtless Henry. We have not seen him since.) Our sweat came from the incredible heat at the beginning. Our gym doesn't have air circulation or conditioning, so there was a period of time near the beginning of this 24 hour period when we weren't sure that the oxygen content of the air we were breathing was regulation. The tears came from Lauren, at 2 am, when the Hackathon had gotten the best of her, and her angst physically manifested itself in tears. She recovered, but we haven't forgotten.

Challenges we ran into

For all intensive purposes, the three of us were beginners when it came to coding in IOS; 2 of us had never used Swift before, and the last member had very minimal experience. Therefore, we encountered a lot of difficulty understanding Swift syntax and the Xcode IDE. Furthermore, we had never used GitHub before, which resulted in a lot of (friendly) arguments among our members. There was a time from around 2 to 3 in the morning where we were debugging an incredibly simple error. But we prevailed, and were finally able to fix our code to a point of functionality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Firstly, we're proud that we're still alive to tell the tale of our first Hackathon. We're proud that we created an application that has looks good and actually does

What we learned

In these last 24 hours, we have learned so much, from GitHub to Xcode to Swift. We started at a place where we couldn't program Hello World to a point where we are reasonably (we would like to think) functional.

What's next for CitizStudy

What is next for CitizStudy? Where can we go from here? When you're standing at the top of the highest mountain, where do you think about going? You get a balloon. Some helium. Some people who aren't afraid to fail, or aren't smart enough to realize that this is a dumb idea. And you take your ideas with you as you ascend to the heavens. THAT'S where CitizStudy is going. THAT'S where we're going. Join us on a magical journey.

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