A mobile app that interfaces with the NYC data sets on NYC Facets (nyc.pediacities.com) This app crowdsources information for the NYC data sets. Anyone using the app can post information to any of the sets available on NYC Facets. This version uses only three sets as proof of concept, but generically uses the meta data from any set to populate a data entry form that can be summited. I intended to include a photo that could be chosen from the photo library on the iPhone, and submit the photo with the data. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to include the photo aspect of the app. Anyone using the app can check that the data is posted by looking for the dataset on http://sandboxdw.pediacities.com/user/franw

To take advantage of the meta-data presented by NYC Facets which represent hundred of NYC datasets, and in the future, many more NYC data sets. This app is innovative in that it generically can post to any dataset on the site, and I intended to also post a photo in BlobData format which the dataset supports, so that the administrators of the data also have a picture. The picture location data is also used to populate many fields of the data, besides lat/lon, as police precinct, etc. making it easy for the user to fill out the data (not all fields are required).

Say you are walking around mid-town and you see a leaking hydrant. Or suppose you are somewhere in Brooklyn and you see some graffiti that needs to be cleaned up.

Perhaps you are a bird watcher, and spot an unusual bird.

Open your Citizen Reporter iPhone app, choose an appropriate data set that you want to post to, enter the data about the situation and submit it. Soon people at the associated department will be alerted to it, and your input (and in the future, a picture) will have joined the public data.

You are then on your way, with that warm feeling of having helped your community in your pocket!

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