Create a project that connects with the overarching theme of helping the environment.

What it does

Users can report injured or dead sea turtles, manatees, birds, dolphins, as well as reporting pollution

How we built it

1.Spoke with the scientists to develop an understanding what large issues face the IRL. 2.Preliminary drafting for app interface 3.Development stage

  1. Plan and prepared a presentation pitch

We used Mapbox for map representation inside of Unity3d and created our own Restful-API in ASP.NET. Leveraging the tools of Azure we are able to store pictures, host a database server, and host our web server all in one place.

Challenges we ran into

Began using HTML, CSS, Javascript & ASP.NET, and abandoned in favor of using SQL

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud to attend our first hackathon and be able to contribute something meaningful

What we learned

HTML, Front end development tips and tricks from Jacob Waites who advised and helped improve our original user interface design, learned what to do when coming into contact with an injured or dead manatee, was educated on issues surrounding the lagoon, mapbox, alternatives for frameworks, and more efficient ways of developing software,

What's next for Citizen Wildlife Reporter

Standardization and implementation with Florida state parks. Developing it further so it is cross platform. Expanding the list of species that can be reported on to meet the needs of respondents. Expansion to west coast could potentially include reporting of wild fires.

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