Citizen Pass turns Alexa into your own personal study buddy for the citizenship exam. Since Alexa is voice activated, I can still remain physically busy while practicing for my citizenship exam next month in June.

65,000 people were naturalized in 2014 and there are 40% of NYC residents who were born outside of the US. This skill benefits this group of demography and helps people pass the citizenship exam at ease. Once you pass the exam, try Dr. Speech; another application I built on top of Alexa to help improve your pronunciation.

What it does

An Alexa skill that is designed to help US residents to prepare for the citizenship exam.

How I built it

I use JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS for the front end, mocha and chai for the testing, and Node.js and AWS for the backend. I also built this skill based on Amazon Alexa "Trivia Game" sample code.

Challenges I ran into

  • Thinking as many as utterances as i could
  • It's challenging to debug some of the issues it came up

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Built and refactored the code in an afternoon all by myself. All the other teams are made of 4-6 people. I have only an afternoon 2-7pm to build this skill. So time restriction is a challenge.

What I learned

  • Built-in intents do not take slot
  • Custom Slots
  • Session Object

What's next for Citizen Pass

Add more features which include integration with third party API

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