One of the biggest challenge is Government and citizen engagement. Government has various engagement platforms where a citizen can query about public information but all of them are designed to support mass or a segment. In terms of public service, government treats users as unique individual. So there is a requirement of single window engagement platform which is both secure and simple.

Project Features

This project provides a secure engagement platform between government and citizen to engage. Moxtra solution provides tools such as messaging, audio and video conference, document sharing and annotation, clip over documents with voice and annotation. Aadhar authentication and eKYC apis provided by Indian government makes user identification secure and easier. Bot is designed to be the first point of contact and cater to various citizen query on different topics like Education, Healthcare, Employment, Water and Electricity etc.

Technical Details

This project is built on IOS using Swift. I used Moxtra IOS SDK for chat and video integration, Google's for bot integration and Aadhar authentication apis for user on boarding, identification and document signing.


Main challenge were to figure out the integration of Moxtra SDK, Google bot and getting Aadhar authentication and ekyc apis.

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