How do we help reopen offices, airports, stadiums, parks, and all public spaces, so people can get back to work (or, more importantly, fun) while also feeling safe?  A robust disease prevention strategy is critical to helping create a more protective environment for people and ensuring business continuity.

Insight's Connected Platform can help rapidly evaluate, deploy, test, and manage new technology across our ecosystem of 3,500 partner products and solutions (including Cisco Meraki devices.)​

For this hackathon, we focused specifically on Citizen Care Pods, which are portable virus testing centers that can be deployed nearly anywhere, which can be used to aid in detection and screening when you have a large group of people (think construction site, retail or entertainment venue).

What it does

The Citizen Care Pod is outfitted with a variety of Cisco Meraki gear (cameras, SD-WAN, and access points for connectivity) to collect and send data to the Connected Platform so that customers can analyze and be more responsive to real-time data reports.

How we built it

The pods themselves are built with the partnership of a construction company using shipping containers (see prototype image). 

The Connected Platform app is built in partnership with Insight's CDCT and Digital Innovation teams.  It leverages the Cisco Meraki API, the MV Sense API, and the Webex Teams widget as well an Angular for the front end. It pulls together the data sent from the devices in the pod into a real-time dashboard with insights, alerts, and sensor readings.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges trying to get the Guest Access integration for Webex Teams, allowing people that weren't part of an organization to interact via Teams. We had to use a standard integration allowing only people previously in the organization.

We also hit the limitation with the MV Sense API that only allows still images, not a feed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of getting the Meraki APIs and what we could do with Webex Teams integrated into our Connected Platform in a short amount of time.

What we learned

The Meraki platform is agile and can be integrated into solutions much quicker and offers better insights than other networking providers in this space. The design and API access is accessible for networking novices, or even non-network people such as software developers.

The MV Sense API exposes a lot of potential use for social policy enforcement as well as the health and safety of customers and employees.


What's next for Citizen Care Pod

This is a real go-to-market solution for Insight to take Meraki to our customers. The next phase is to build and deploy these for our customers in our communities in Cisco's fiscal year.

We will use Webex Teams Guest Access so that a person doesn't have to be a member of an organization to interact with someone via Teams. Potential leveraging of DNA spaces for guest access providing customizable captive portals for guest onboarding and location analytics.

Looking at Enterprise Wireless APs and evaluating APIs for Cisco Access Points.

Integrate with DUO for multi-factor authentication.

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