We thought about some app for people, who are interested in their community and development of their neighborhood. We thought about two things - how to get relevant information to the people and then back to their deputies.

What it does

Use QR codes to boost public involvement. There are four use cases:

  • QR code on a public amenity allows citizens to provide feedback
  • QR code next to a smart device: give up-to-date information from the sensors
  • QR code in a place subject to development: provide municipalities ballot votes
  • QR code created by the general public: get the communities together

How we built it

Based on a few ideation sessions, at the beginning of the hackaton, we finally settled on CitiQR. We used our different skillsets to combine Angular, Python, open data and APIs and UI.

Challenges we ran into

HTTPS certificates, access code didn’t arrive, sleep deprivation, one missing team member.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The prototype works!

What we learned

How to cooperate when building UI, frontend, and backend.

What's next for CITIQR

Get the idea to be get adopted by real municipalities (e.g. for změ site).

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