Citi-Assist - Chat Bot

Personal Financial Advisor powerful transformation in customer experience Stats:

A survey by CGI — Understanding Financial Customers in the Digital Era — found that customers are increasingly demanding exceptional service from their bank. 58% wanted a highly personalised service, with banks remembering their preferences. 52% would like their banks to monitor what they’re spending and advise on how to save. Features:

Personalised Services Citi-Assist adds a new dimension to the power of ‘personal touch’ and massively enhance customer experience and loyalty. Weekly Financial Analytic reports Based off your weekly spending and transfers a Recommending investment options based on savings bank balance and risk profile It can track spending habits, provide credit scores, set and manage budgets and tell the consumer where they are spending their money. This allows for AI-based recommendations and advice for better money management.


Ease-to-use: Chatbots are more intuitive and easier to use than a traditional banking app. There is no download required and the experience can be personalized over time through machine learning. Accessible: Voice activated and text activated

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