Undocumented immigration is a timely topic. We saw the opportunity to improve the current situation in offering an anonymous mechanism to demonstrate financial commitment to a country and incentivize a government to accept requests for naturalization.

What it does

CitEthZen holds Sai stablecoin funds (i.e. tax payments) in escrow until release to a government in exchange for naturalization

How we built it

Solidity + Truffle + TestRPC + React + Bootstrap

Challenges we ran into

Mainly physical challenges like the need for sleep and sustenance

What's next for CitEthZen

We'd like to add the ability for others to support an individual's naturalization process by staking funds along with the tax payments. Rejection of naturalization would result in burned funds whereas acceptance would result in donation of the funds to charity, further increasing the incentives for the government to naturalize a candidate.

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