Writing a long paper is bad enough. But what makes it even worse? Having to write an annotated bibliography. It sucks having to go through all your sources, format each into a citation, AND type more paragraphs to summarize and analyze each source.

CiteSite uses PHP cURL to automatically scrape web pages for any information it can find for the source's bibliography citation (author, title, publishing company, etc.). Additionally, it gets all the text content from the article and creates both (1) a shortened summary as well as (2) analysis and reflection based on the source's objectivity and usefulness. In the end, the user is able to generate a fully formatted annotated bibliography entry simply by inputting a link. He or she is also able to keep a running list of all entries and copy it to a clipboard or export it to Facebook (temporarily restricted until approval by Facebook, but fully functional on white-listed accounts).

Essentially, CiteSite takes the pain out of creating annotated bibliographies by streamlining and automating the process. Through a clear, four-step process, it takes you through the steps of citing, summarizing, analyzing, and reflecting on sources - making the life of a student just that much easier.

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