Bro... it was crazy. Imagine... being a clown...and wanting to find love. But you can't. Because you're a clown. Clowns have hard times finding loves because they get laughed at. So why go through that risk when you can be with someone who understands your suffering. I introduce....


An incredible front end based clone of tinder but for the likes of circus entertainers!!! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!!!


I built the website using React JS, it was my first time ever using it and it was incredible. I used FireBase to hold all my TinderCards and to host the server and it was also my first time using it :) I wanted to attempt making the weirdest thing I knew I can make in the time as a solo hacker. Sadly my team was busy so I had to try my best making this site without any prior knowledge of React or Firebase, luckily I figured it out and completed the most important parts.

I also got the domain I had a few problems, for example the DNS server couldn't be completed because it will take about 8 hours from now to finish reading the TXT value

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