We wanted to build a way to for anyone to easily share their cool photos with the world without having to worry about reputations and identity. We wanted content to be judged for it self with no easy way to game its popularity. What resulted was not only a cool way to have photos spread rapidly between users, but also a fun way to kill a few minutes and browse the interesting photos out there on the internet.

Our experience is extremely simple. You open the app and you're immediately thrown into a distraction-free environment of swiping through random photos. Inspired by Tinder, you swipe left to skip past a photo, and swipe right to like a photo. When you like a photo, we immediately queue it up to be spread to other users. In this way, every user is the gatekeeper of a thread of spreading that image.

If a user is inspired to share their own photo, they can tap the floating icon and easily upload an existing photo or take one with their camera. Their photo is then queued up to be spread to other users. If users continue to like it, it will keep spreading. If the initial users who see it don't like it, it will stop spreading.


  • Like photos with a swipe
  • Spread your own photos to people around the world
  • View a list of all the photos you've liked
  • View the progress of the photos you've uploaded
  • No need to worry about accounts!

For the latest APK, newer than the Play Store: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9kSAdxSHP4_VDhTSzZtUnRpVjg/view?usp=sharing

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