We are currently having wasteful behaviour. The reason for this is both lack of awareness and motivation. Unfortunately, just raising awareness does not imply a change of behaviour. As you say: “That Our Loved Ones Become Ourselves”. So building solid and trustful community will change the attitudes and the way we act.

The wasteful, throwaway culture also disturbs us and the environment. Circular economy is not just a business model, it involves the community and individuals and determination for change. According to Sitra, “Finland is among the first countries to move towards an era in which well-being in society cannot be increased through the mass production of more and more goods.

We got this inspiration from both ourselves and our interviews where people said that they used to repair their things with the help from their parents. But the ones that did not repair things, did not have parents that did either.

What it does

Sisu in tackling the wasteful consumer culture and bridging the generation gap in the process, by connecting younger people with elderly on the topic of repairing or making things. Exchanging skills to build a stronger community and promote Green economy through Circular economy.

How we built it

Determination, post its, the design method, Sketch, usability testing, user research and interviews

Challenges we ran into

Defining the problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We survived the spicy minestrone!

What we learned

Make schedules, have everyone commit, and remember to set the timer! Less talking, more doing!

What's next for CircularEco_38


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