Tourism is one of the most contaminating industry worldwide. Traveling to other countries affect our nature because of the CO2 during our transportation and also during our visit we create around 1 kg of waste each day.

What it does

It calculates CO2 & ecological footprint created among tourist interest and kind of transport and will show which actions will decrease them.

How I built it

Via Typeform and Amadeus APIs I will create a personalised solution (thanks to IA) to each tourist in order to create a solution for their footprint.

Challenges I ran into

ยท Create an personalised algorithm depending on interests and origin and promote several actions to each person so their damage to the nature during their trips will be less.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Already created and App (Go Zero Waste) that help to the people how to live without generating waste.

What I learned

The importance of create projects aligned to my values.

What's next for Circular Travels

Find APIs with all the info about Tourism interests, types of transportation and origins.

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