Our Inspiration

Due to the varying climatic conditions, continuous working of the machinery and other factors, renewable energy plants have to be constantly monitored and the modules have to be continuously maintained and repaired by workers. But since the outbreak of the pandemic, it was forced to reduce the number of on-site workers without affecting the performance of the plant. Since energy production has a considerable impact on the economy, we realized it was something to be taken care of.

What it does

For this, we decided to build a hardware that could be installed on every individual device, monitoring its performance, condition, quality and environment. It aggregates the sensor data and performs data analysis to better monitor it through a cloud platform.

Challenges we ran into

From analyzing the requisites, facilitating a predictive maintenance platform and providing customized software to interact with other employees of their company, the challenges we faced were many in every stage of development. But we also managed to find partners that could help us impart better experience for the customers.

Accomplishments we are proud of

Other than using the hardware to collect information, one of the features that we are delighted about is that we could find a way to create an environment for monitoring, discussion and dissemination of techniques within the employees of the companies from different parts of the world.

What we learnt

Management of the hardware, software and customer development is necessary for developing something like "CIRCUIT SYNC". Therefore, we had to learn about many principles in these fields throughout the development processes. It has also taught us a bunch of new skills.

What's next for CIRCUIT SYNC

Looking forward to CIRCUIT SYNC, we would be happy to make this project happen. Reaching out to several potential customers and providing them with innovative work experience from their homes is indeed one of our goals. Also, the application of machine learning on the development side stands a research potential on renewable energy in the future.

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