I am one of the developers of circle leads from Malang. The reason this app is made is that I want to solve the problems and complaints by other DevC lead in Indonesia because they need an app that can help check the real presence of people who have clicked going on facebook events.

All this time we check attendance by printing the list of names of people who clicked going on the facebook app and then check it manually when people come. That method is so old school and slow compared to using this application.

What it does

Circles Community makes participants from a meetup register their attendance quickly and easily. This app also makes it easier for admins from a group that creates events on Facebook to track attendance from meetup members or conferences. This app also have statistic to track user attendance rate and user activity inside a group

How we built it

Circles Community is built on top facebook most favorite open source framework for building cross-platform apps ( React Native ). We use fresco to handle the image in the apps, we also use facebook login as our only way to login into our apps. On the backend side, we use Node.js with MariaDB as the database provider. We use facebook graph API as our primary way to connect into facebook

Challenges we ran into

The challenge we ran into is sometimes facebook graph API can be tricky, what I mean by that is in one of our use case we need to find friends that also attending the same event but because facebook graph currently doesn't have this we need to find a way to do that but in the end all the thing is working out for us

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We make the app in less than 2 days. when I'm typing this I have not slept for 24 hours but I am proud to deliver this app to the world. for me, this app will help me a lot when I am hosting the next DevC Meetups, workshop, and even a hackathon.And I hope that with this apps people and developer from all around the world can make use this app whenever they want to host an event with Facebook events platform.

What we learned

We learn so much from this hackathon mini project. We learn that solving problem is hard but when you succeed the feel is so satisfying. We also learn that with the right people and with the right skill set we can do things much faster and make problem-solving easier.

What's next for Circles Community

This is just the beginning for Circles Community we will keep making updates and making new features to the app

Here are just a little bit of whats next features will be:

  • More through statistic on how many events hosted by a group is a person attending
  • Manual check-in with facebook name when people don't have FB account or not yet install our apps
  • Notification for reminding the user if there is an event that day
  • And many more features that which is still in research
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