We wanted to solve the issue of creating and organizing study groups for our courses. Getting together for study groups is a common issue many students face.

What it does

The user can log in and create events. Other students can then view and join events. There is also a message option to leave notes on events. Participants for events are able to view comments on events and add to the conversation.

How I built it

We developed Circles using Android Studio.

Challenges I ran into

We faced several obstacles in our development process. These include working on a project more advanced than our knowledge span, understanding the complexities of Android Studio, and solving logic errors. Circles required several classes and advancement of our skills in Android Studio.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of fully developing the Circles Android application. This feat required critical thinking, planning activities, and many hours of coding. The finished product operates exactly as we intended and we were able to integrate the specified activities into the application.

What I learned

We were able to gain extensive knowledge of how Android Studio operates. In the time span of this hackathon, we were able to learn more about Android development than the handful of hours we had spent working with the software in the past. 50% of our team was introduced to Android Studio in the process.

What's next for Circles

We will integrate web-based aspects of Circles in the future. The option for instructors to create class groups and a database of user information and messages will be created in the Cloud. Users will be able to directly communicate with the instructor and other students in their classes through a messaging system and reminders will be pushed to inform users of upcoming events they have joined.

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