Podcast and digital content industry in 2020, the total global market value is 11 billion U.S. dollars. Podcaster at the top of 15%, has achieved a total market profit of more than 85%, and advertising revenue accounts for a large part of the total revenue. Podcasting is a content carrier with a long history. The fast-growing podcasters can hardly see their true listening dat-a, nor can they accurately assess the value of their channel, and even the copyright and hosti-ng methods have been contacted by large companies. In order to solve these problems, we use Circlepod Protocol to transform a decentralized, autonomous organization DAO, and open data Podcast media protocol.

Circlepod is a global application that allows Podcasters and audience to interact and get paid directly. We encourage and accelerate both the changes and development of the global d-igital content creation, so that every piece of created content can get its value. Create more in-teractivity and entertainment, connect fans and value through blockchain technology, and cre-ate a good copyright and subscription ecosystem through data and AI.

  1. Publish the Circlepod Protocol platform Token (CPX) to drive the overall application subsc-ription, copyright sharing and DAO platform governance.
  2. Decentralization of metadata sharing with blockchain. 2.1. Log in only once, all other applications do not need to log in separately, and the user's identity, data, and assets are all recorded on the blockchain address. 2.2. The assets and data generated by Circlepod Protocol can be provided to other users. 2.3. Searching for user portraits through on-chain data analysis, targeted search for seed users, and coordinated with accurate information push.
  3. With a DAO agreement, Podcaster and fans can make joint decisions about program gover-nance, profit distribution, and changes to the agreement.

    Currently, the Circlepod Protocol Beta has been launched on Solana Devnet, which was born through the Solana Season Hackathon @Asia to be held in mid-2021.

  • Circlepod is under development, this white paper is subject to change at any time, please refer to the latest version as the main content

What it does

Blockchain technology and blockchain as-sets are one of the most forward-looking la-rge-scale technologies of this century. By achieving zero trust, immutability and dece-ntralized transactions, blockchain technolo-gy has laid the foundation for a series of new-generation applications. These applic-ations will greatly change the Internet and achieve a more inclusive and harmonious social environment. Circlepod believes that every content cre-ator should have a firm grasp of his own w-ork, from copyright and patent rights to copyright income or rental income. We believe that protecting the rights of every content creator and consumer will be an important element in building a better society. This century is also the century when dig-ital content creators have begun to shine. Countless high-quality content creations h-ave been conceived, and there are countless content consumers willing to support creat-ors. Circlepod will provide a new type of content creation platform that will bring the value of creation. It can be seen, and you can support your favorite content creator in a safe, convenient, agile and fast way, and support him to continue creating.  Mission: Encourage and accelerate the change and development of glo-bal digital content creation  Vision: Let every piece of creative content get its due value Circlepod Protocol brings together Podca-ster and its digital creators, fans and third- party ecological participants in an incentive manner.

  1. Users who listen to and contribute to the Circlepod ecosystem should get the val-ue in Circlepod.
  2. Audience or fans should be able to dire-ctly support Podcaster.
  3. Users who participate in community go-vernance should get the value in Circlepod.
  4. The data generated by participants sho-uld be transparent and open.
  5. Anyone who abides by the agreement can use Circlepod's services.
  6. Remove intermediate links as much as possible.

    Circlepod Protocol allows Podcaster, fans and third-party ecological participants to improve the quality of Circlepod, for which we designed these components:

  7. CPX Token: As the Token economic model of Circlepod Protocol, it can be used to participate in the Circlepod ecosystem, can support programs, and can also be used for governance.

  8. Circlepod App: The core entrance of the application and a friendly user interface. For details, please refer to the Circlepod busin-ess plan.

  9. Circlepod Protocol: The blockchain technology part of Circlepod is the focus of this whitepaper.

  10. DAO: A decentralized autonomous orga-nization combined with Circlepod Protocol.

How we built it

CPX Token will be carried out and promo-ted to the market in this way. We hope to use private placement, public placement, Pre Sale, IDO (Initial Dex Offering) to gradu-ally deploy CPX to the market.

i. Genesis (2021/06 – 2022/03) We started the project by participating in Solana Hackathon @asia. The project will focus on the ecology of Podcast content cr-eators. We will release the Stake Pool of Podcaster programs so that CPX holders can support programs through CPX and sta-king fans can get programs. At the same ti-me, we should give ecological rewards to users who upload and listen to the single-epi-sode NFT. DAO autonomous organization, CPX holders can decide whether to launch new programs by staking CPX to govern. More detailed design can refer to here. In a-ddition, we will implement a Circlepod App to make it easier for users to get started and use, please refer to here. All related co-ntracts at this stage will be tested on Devnet.

  • CPX holders can be fans, Podcaster or thi-rd-party ecosystem participants and develo-pers.

ii. Stage 1(2022/04 – 2022/12) Podcaster and digital creators can choose the "centralized" or "decentralized" Hosting option. Users who choose the "decentralized hosting" solution can use the Podcast of Circlepod Protocol. Digital creators can cast their single-episode content NFT, Of course, casting NFT requires a little CPX fee, and Podcast digital creators can also cast CPX and integrate value into a single NFT. Thro-ugh this NFT, content, copyright, and inco-me can be rented out. Fans and audience can also score this NFT through the number of SUPs. For more detailed information, ple-ase refer to here. Want paid subscription features? Of cour-se. Circlepod Protocol provides a decentrali-zed subscription service for paid content. Audience or fans can subscribe to paid con-tent as long as they pay a fixed CPX, directl-y participate in creators’ payment plans, and support creators to create better without worries.

We will also provide user subscription se-rvices. Through the services provided by     Circlepod, CPX or other stable coins will be charged to provide stable subscription serv-ices. You can refer to the Circlepod busine-ss plan.

iii. Stage 2(2023/01 – 2023/12) We will pay more attention to the mining and sharing of AI data. Through the first st-age of activity data, we will introduce devel-opers and third-party suppliers, which may be owners, advertisers, and material creators, to complete transactions and value on the chain through CPX. Conversion. For exampl-e, owners can pay CPX or other stablecoins to provide remuneration, enter Circlepod se-arch and get recommended Podcaster for advertising matching services. Circlepod will search for suitable programs on the chain according to the owner’s product service ty-pe, needs and suitability. To provide owners with the most suitable Podcaster advertisin-g services based on the anonymity of the bl-ockchain and the reliability of data, accordi-ng to the owners' needs and budget. No ne-ed to go through third-party intermediaries and matching platforms. Similarly, advertis-ers can directly push advertisements throu-gh Circlepod as long as they pay a small a-mount of CPX. Circlepod will use AI data an-alysis to insert these advertisements into suitable programs. Automatically help adve-rtisers to place the most suitable advertising positions.

More Info

• Twitter: https://twitter.com/CirclepodP • Telegram: https://t.me/circlepod • Discord: https://discord.com/invite/D2pNA2e6Dw • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/circlepodp/ • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CirclepodP • Linktree: https://linktr.ee/CirclePod • Tutorial & Docs: https://docs.circlepod.app/ • Home: https://www.circlepod.app/

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