Circle Saver uses social encouragement to positively enforce saving behavior while tracking progress against individual savings goals. It also provides an emergency source of credit in times of emergencies that lowers the pain of asking to borrow money and increases the social pressure to pay it back. Enabling these behaviors can bring a structured way to success to those who find accumulating savings impossibly challenging.

Circle Saver allows you to make goals, add savings and apply it to those goals, and both send and receive messages of encouragement in response to savings and goal setting activity. After a period of time, it also extends short term credit for emergency situations. Interest and fees on very short to short term credit made up $70 billion of the $89 billion market of revenue from the financially underserved.

This app features a group activity feed (and the ability to like and comment), a goals list, team member profiles, ability to add funds/save and withdraw savings/borrow.

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