Circle of Suck, Cal Hacks 2016

A "circle of suck" is a cycle of college sports teams, where each team has an arrow pointing to a team they have lost to in the season. Hopefully, at some point in the season, a full circle can be found, where each team has lost to some other team in the conference.

This website will scrape from Sportradar with college sports scores and run a cycle-finding algorithm to find a circle of suck (or at least, the longest cycles of suck). Despite finding the longest cycle in a directed graph being an NP-hard problem, Allan and Thomas came up with an efficient algorithm for our purposes. Matt, Leslie, and Brandon focused on the website, designing the back-end database models and the front-end UI.


  • Brandon Chinn: Project Leader, Front-end design and development
  • Allan Levy: Back-end development, longest-cycle algorithm
  • Matt Trinh: Back-end development, API research
  • Leslie Tsai: Front-end design & development
  • Thomas Zhang: Longest-cycle algorithm, API scraping
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