Circle is a space where compassion and integrity facilitator will be able to hold group and navigate support or other group exploration together.

Council - an ancient way and modern practice whose roots are within the natural world, spanning diverse cultures and religions. This practice elicits an experience of true community, recognizing that each voice needs to be heard, that every person has a gift, a story to share, a piece of the whole.

Forum- participants generally take one of three vital roles; the presenter or protagonist, the forum 3facilitators and the "mirrors". The group gathers in a circle.

Man & woman circle etc!

You might be wondering how this difference than zoom or other video options. They key with circle is like any circle ~ this will add specific tools for those needing and desiring structures akin to sitting in a circle. Literally we want the group to feel as if they are sitting in a circle.

Where their image is a circle, and the tools available to the facilitator support specific needs in this type of sitting arrangement.

What it does

The platform will have the option to be in different setting like a circle of Participants with serval room theme

Built With

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