The problem

Dating apps have largely been built on a 1-to-1 private model even as social norms have relaxed around discussing one's online dating life. Our observation and personal experience has been that dating app users solicit advice and opinions on their potential dating matches with friends in a variety of ad hoc ways including via screenshots and texting, giving friends account access, or simply handing over their phones to their friends.

The solution

Since the conversation was already happening in the real world, we thought it would a lot more sense to bring it right into a modern and fun dating app. This app, Circl, allows users to invite a circle of trusted friends to join them and gives them access to see their daily potential matches (including profiles) and chat with each other about them. Invited friends can be part of multiple circles and every day they get access to matches from friends who have invited them.

The target audience

Because almost all other dating apps are 1-to-1, only users who are looking for dates participate today. There's an entire world of people who are not in the market, but are tangentially involved and invested in their friend's dating lives. Circl appeals this much larger group of users by allowing them to help their friends and live vicariously through them in a fun and safe way.

How will it grow?

Circl has the potential to expand naturally as users sign up to use the service and invite their friends. People who normally would not use a dating app now have a reason to. Users who may not check their dating app matches daily now have an extra chance to be reminded or alerted to interesting matches when their friends look and provide feedback.

Why it matters

Finding the right life partner(s) is very important to most people. We believe that friends can help make that process better because they can help provide nudges to the "right" matches for users. Circl makes it easy, efficient, and most of all fun to do just hat.

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