Coaches Aspect

Having friends that are fitness & health coaches, few of them already do online personal coaching successfully (its not a new concept!). The rest relied on their brick and mortar clients, and now due to Corona they have no other option but to build their online business from scratch. I find it frustrating seeing how much effort they spend into building an online fitness business - promotions, social media accounts, websites, and still doing what every other coach does. The problem is that all of them look alike & waste resources on getting clients.

People Aspect

Some people strive for the feeling of wellbeing and strength, some people run marathons, others participate in IronMan. The key is, we all want to be fit, healthy & challenge ourselves to become better.

The main problem why many people stay same-same is the lack of consistency, which is the main ingredient for building a habit. We believe the best way to build a habit and achieve goals is accountability and guidance from an expert. Having a personal coach by definition is expensive, and therefore we want to support a format that will make personal coaching available.

Our solution

Find an affordable online personal coach that understands your needs and has the expertise to help you achieve your fitness and health goals.

We tried to condense the whole gist on our website in a simple way, please check it out to learn more

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