Filmmaking has always been a passion of ours, so it's great to be able to bring it into the VR space.

How it works

We have a specially designed 3D-360 video camera that captures 3D photospheres, which we can then play back on any VR headset.

Challenges I ran into

Working within enclosed spaces, such as small rooms... but, I believe we solved that problem. Parking in Downtown SF during Giants games.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That we managed to get it to work in the first place! But, also, that we are able to regularly reproduce our video technique and it always looks great.

What I learned

How to work on a short time budget. Online services may not yet be up to our task.

What's next for Cinematic VR Demo

More demos, more videos, and more partnerships with people interested in VR! If you know of an event or project that would benefit from such VR, we can help you.

Built With

  • adobe-premiere
  • kolar-autopano
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