We wanted to work with NLP is some way, work with multiple APIs and have a project with ways that new Hackers could contribute.

What it does

CinemaSentiment takes user input of a genre and year, renders movie choices for them and compares their two choices using a NLP google cloud API that generates sentiment scores based on movie overview connotations.

How we built it

The backend was built with python and flask with javascript, css, and html on the front. We utilized a movie API from and the Google Cloud Natural Language API.

Challenges we ran into

Starting a project with three first time hackers who had a vague understanding of python and how a complete web application is built, offered a great opportunity to learn, but also required consideration of a feasible project. Through batting Windows python and flask installations, to learning Git and figuring out how to stay up for the duration of the Hackathon, we were challenged a good bit!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

CinemaSentiments is wonderful because it incorporated contributions from all of our teammates. One of our members went from not knowing HTML to being able to render a complete webpage using flask. Everyone walked away with a greater understanding of how to build a web application and a new found excitement to attend more Hackathons to develop their skills even further.

What we learned

We learned how a Hackathon operates, that we can be self sufficient learners, and that NLP can be used with movies to give insites on data.

What's next for CinemaSentiments

World Domination.

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